Department of Geography & Environmental Planning

How does human activity interact with nature and how does that interaction shape our communities, economic and geopolitical patterns, and the environment? Explore the
diversity and richness of world regions through the lens of this interdisciplinary discipline.

From the local to the global scale, we are dramatically affected by environmental issues. The study of geography and environmental planning will broaden your understanding of the world’s landscape and its changing environment.

Learn about the latest technologies, including geographic information systems, along with traditional areas of study, such as world regional geography, physical geography, human geography, and cartography. Courses span the liberal arts, social science, computer science, and environmental science.

Whether through classroom learning, an internship, or a study abroad program, a degree in geography and environmental planning prepares you for professional roles in the public and private sectors and as global citizens in fields as diverse as planning, geoscience, business, and education. Program graduates work in local and state government, federal agencies, engineering firms, boards of trade, and a number of nonprofits.

Faculty Experts

The department’s 14 full-time and 12 adjunct faculty members have wide-ranging research interests. They bring experience as:

  • regional experts in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East
  • geoscientists with specialties in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, and cartography
  • physical geographers who study hydrology, geomorphology, meteorology, and climatology
  • planners who analyze sustainable communities, tourism, transportation, and regional development
  • human geographers with specialties in urban geography and migration as well as economic and political geography

Recent News

Fall 2021: Hip Hop Geography 

Geography of Hip Hop Culture   GEOG 470 Tuesday 6-8:40 PM Dr. Omar Young  

Fall 2021: Planning for Climate Change

Planning for Climate Change GEOG 473 MW 3:30-4:45 Dr. Rob Neff