Prospective students are encouraged to contact faculty members about research opportunities.

Core Faculty (These professors teach courses in the experimental psychology program)

Justin T. Buckingham, Ph.D. 
(Ohio University, 2000). Social psychology of the self, social comparison, social media, relationship evaluation. Webpage.

M. Paz Galupo, Ph.D.
(University of Arkansas, 1996). LGBT Psychology, Intersection of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation Measurement, Non-Binary Identities with a focus on Bisexual/Plurisexual and Transgender experience. Webpage.

Kerri A. Goodwin, Ph.D.
(Florida State University, 2000). False Memory, Social Factors in Eyewitness Memory, Emotion and Memory, Applied Memory Research. Webpage.

Jeff Kukucka, Ph.D.
(CUNY Graduate Center, 2014). Psychology and Law; Social and Cognitive Biases in Criminal Investigations and Trials; Interrogations and False Confessions. Webpage.

Jared McGinley, Ph.D.
(Virginia Tech, 2015). Biology of Emotion, Empathy, and Emotion Regulation; Cardiovascular Physiology. Webpage.

Geoffrey D. Munro, Ph.D
(Kent State University, 1997). Social Judgment, Biases and Errors in Social Thought, Attitudes and Persuasion. Webpage.

Blaire Weidler, Ph.D.
(Washington University in St. Louis, 2017). Visual Attention, Cognitive Control, Action and Perception. Webpage

Affiliated Faculty (These professors are available to supervise experimental psychology students' research)


Jarrod Bock, Ph.D. 
(Oklahoma State University, 2020). Focuses on explicit and implicit forms of prejudice and stigma and cultures of honor, masculinity norms, and consequences for men's mental health. Webpage.

Bethany Brand, Ph.D.                                                                                                                      (University of Maryland, College Park, 1993). Trauma-based Disorders including Dissociative Disorders, Assessment Malingering, Attachment, Adjustment to college. Webpage.                                                                                                                

Bryan D. Devan, Ph.D.
(McGill University, 1998). Biopsychology of Learning, Memory and Spatial Cognition, Psychopharmacology and Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disease and Age-Related Cognitive Decline. Webpage.            

Michael Ent, Ph.D.
(Florida State University, 2016). Self-control, Altruism, Social Exclusion, Guilt, and Health Psychology. Webpage.

Maria P. Fracasso, Ph.D.
(Fordham University, 1987). Social and Emotional Development of Children. Parent-child attachment relationship and the effect on social and emotional development of culturally diverse children, The role of Parenting in Predicting Subjective well-being in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults. Webpage.

Faizan Imtiaz, Ph.D.
(Queen's University, 2018). Industrial-Organizational psychology, Generational differences across seniors and young adults in the workplace, Acculturation and the work experiences of immigrants, Group dynamics in multicultural teams, Resilience and performance in applied sport psychology. Webpage.

Elizabeth Katz, Ph.D.
(University of Texas at Austin, 1998). Addictive Disorders; Treatment Outcome; Therapy Development; Substance and Behavioral Addictions; Health Behaviors. Webpage.

Elyssa Klann, Ph.D.
(Indiana University, 2020). Reproductive (in)justice, abortion attitudes and experiences; LGBTQ+ experiences and intersectionality of racism, cissexism, sexism, and heterosexism; Sexual violence prevention.

Jacqueline S. Leventon, Ph.D.
(Emory University, 2014). Cognitive development, Emotion and Memory, Electrophysiology, Infancy and Childhood. Webpage.

Sandra J. Llera, Ph.D.
(Penn State University, 2011). Anxiety and mood disorders, etiological and maintaining factors in psychopathology, emotion regulation, psychophysiology. Webpage.

Jonathan F. Mattanah, Ph.D.
(University of California at Berkley, 1999). Longitudinal and intervention research to determine factors that effect students' social and emotional adjustment to the college campus. Parent-child attachment relationship and their effects on development across the lifespan. Webpage.

Abby Mello, Ph.D.
(University of Tennessee, 2012). Industrial/Organizational Psychology; Teams, Social and Individual Cognition, Conflict, Organizational Culture. Webpage.

Frederick J. Parente, Ph.D.
(University of New Mexico, 1975). Neuropsychology, Rehabilitation of Brain Functions, Univariate and Multivariate Statistics, Experimental Design, Cognition and Human Information Processing, Neural Networks, Simulation and Artificial Intelligence.

Paul J. Pistell, Ph.D.
(The University of Vermont, 2003). Psychopharmacology and Biopsychology of Learning and Memory, Nutritional and Pharmacological Interventions in the Amelioration of Age-Associated Behavioral Declines, Evaluation of Nutritional Factors on the Brain and Behavior. Webpage.

Rachel Rubinstein, Ph.D.
(Rutgers University, 2018). Perception of social groups. Stereotypes. Implicit (i.e., indirect) social evaluations. Webpage.

Kim Shifren, Ph.D.
(Syracuse University, 1993). Lifespan perspective on caregivers, and those living with a chronic illness. Focus of research is on the relationship between personality, identity development, caregiver experiences, experiences of those living with chronic illnesses, and mental and physical health. Webpage.

Jan Sinnott, Ph.D.
(Catholic University of America, 1975). Lifespan Cognition, Adult Development and Aging, Problem Solving, Mindfulness, Attachment, Positive Psychology, Identity. Webpage.

Jessica A. Stansbury, EdD.
(Towson University, 2017). Morality and Moral Judgment, Morality and Gaming, Game Based Learning, Game Based Integration and Instructional Technology. Webpage.

Evangeline A. Wheeler, Ph.D.
(University of California-Berkley, 1991). Compassion Meditation, Mindsets, Effects of Racial Bias on Health. Webpage.