Open Enrollment

The 2022 Open Enrollment period for CY 2023 health benefits is October 11 to November 4, 2022.  During this time, eligible faculty and staff can enroll in health benefits, change benefits or dependents, and sign up for flexible spending accounts.

Open Enrollment

Faculty and staff currently enrolled in state of Maryland health benefits, and others eligible for Open Enrollment (OE) for Plan Year 2023 will conduct Open Enrollment through Workday, an application that is part of the Statewide Personnel System (SPS) that enables faculty and staff to access, enroll in, and manage benefits through one online portal.

Open Enrollment launches October 11 and ends on November 4 at 3 pm.
There will be no extensions or corrections possible after the close of enrollment.

2023 Benefits Guide and Rates

Benefits Guide (CY 2023) (PDF)

Regular Faculty and Staff Rates (CY 2023) (PDF)
Contingent Faculty and Staff Rates (CY 2023) (PDF)


Link to Workday

Login into Workday. Use the Self-help resources below for assistance.

Note: Please be aware if you have not set up 2-factor authentication you will be required to do. See self-help resource below.

Locating Your W Number

  1. Go to
  2. Select the PeopleSoft HCM tile.
  3. Sign in using your NetID and password.
  4. Click the Personal Data Summary tile.
  5. Scroll down to the Employee Information section.
  6. Your W number is located beside Workday Benefits ID.

2-Factor Authentication

Please be aware that you must have 2-factor authentication set-up in order to access your benefits information. If you have not done so, refer to this Quick Reference Guide

For Assistance

For technical assistance with your password or login issues, email

For open enrollment questions, contact Benefits via .

What to Expect and Actions Required

All eligible faculty and staff will receive an Open Enrollment event in Workday.  An email from Maryland <> will be sent to your TU email.

Explore My MD Benefits webpage for important information regarding your State of Maryland benefits. This includes Health, Dental, FSA, Life Insurance, Wellness and Enrollment information. 

Attend Interactive Virtual Open Enrollment Events.

  • 8-9 sessions a day
  • Sessions are carrier specific (noted at the end of each link) i.e., w/ United Concordia
  • Join as many as you like – no need to register in advance!
  • Sessions will provide a quick overview of the program and then take questions

The virtual meetings are designed to be an interactive Q & A opportunity. Employees can always call carrier member services units directly or the Employee Benefits Division. All contact information is included on the inside cover of our 2023 Benefit Guide, available on our website:

DBM Employee Benefits Website

How to Enroll or Make Changes

Complete Your Open Enrollment Quick Reference Guide

Flexible spending accounts (FSAs)

Important information regarding FSAs for 2023

Faculty and staff who want flexible spending accounts (FSAs) for 2023 must re-elect their FSA amounts during open enrollment.

  • FSA elections do not roll over from one year to the next. 
    The maximum Healthcare FSA annual election amount has increased - it is $2,850. 
    The maximum Dependent Daycare FSA annual election amount of $5,000 remains static for plan year 2023. 
  • If you aren't making changes to your current benefit elections and do not plan to elect a FSA for 2023, then you do not have to do anything in Workday during OE. Your benefits will default to your current elections with the exception of FSAs. 

Adding Dependents

  • When adding a new dependent during Open Enrollment, required supporting documentation must be attached to the Open Enrollment Event in SPS.
  • Required dependent(s) documentation must be uploaded by 11/4/2022 at 5:00pm OR the newly added dependent(s) will be removed from Open Enrollment coverage.  New Dependent(s) will not have coverage effective January 1, 2023.
  • Employees can take pictures of the required documentation and upload legible screenshots to the Open Enrollment event OR
  • Upload documents to: Maintain Worker Documents, the upload category should be Benefits or Benefits Correspondence.
  • Please reference page 39 of your 2023 Benefits Guide to determine what official documentation is required for each dependent

Wellness Plan 2023

2023 wellness activities will reset.

You have from January 1, 2023 thru December 31, 2024 to complete the 2023 healthy activities and earn incentives!

Those employees who choose to participate in the wellness plan and complete all of the wellness plan activities will receive the following incentives for the 2023 and 2024 plan year:

  • $0 copays for PCP visits and
  • $5 reduction in Specialist copays for:
  • Completing one of the recommended preventive screenings
  • Obtain an annual eye exam
  • Maximum reduction = $10

Wellness program is managed by your medical carrier and includes motivating digital resources you can access anytime anywhere! Examples include:

Health Surveys (annual and on demand) and Personalized Health timelines to include recommendations, content and services available to you

Health Profile for maintaining all your health data in one place

Trackers: Connect your wearable devices or enter your own data to monitor sleep, step, nutrition and more

Challenges providing extra motivation for achieving your goals

Wellness Coaching at no cost – 1:1, can be telephonic or online

Diabetes Prevention Programs for members who meet pre-diabetes criteria. Programs contain success kits (wireless scale, wearable fitness trackers, exercise equipment) and 1:1 coaching + weekly cohort meetings

Financial Wellness: Upwise (new for 2023)

  • Upwise from MetLife is a no-cost confidential financial wellness app available to all State of Maryland Employees
  • Participation does not depend on benefits eligibility and no election is required for participation
  • Designed to help build financial progress through good money habits
    Download the app: App Store or Google Play

Benefits Fair Update and Flu Shots

There will not be a Benefits Fair this fall and all information can be found online.
My MD Benefits webpage

If you are one of the many faculty and staff who usually get a flu shot at the fair, please take advantage of the options below:

Safeway Flu and COVID Vaccination Clinics

Flu and COVID vaccinations are available to all TU students, faculty and staff in the West Village Testing Center.

Schedule your vaccination appointment during one of these clinics which will be held on Fridays, Sept. 9 through Nov. 11 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


If you are not making any changes to your benefits including adding or removing a dependent, changing plans or choosing new coverage that you do not currently have, if you take no action your current selections will roll over to Year 2023. However, if currently enrolled for 2022 in the Healthcare or Dependent Care FSA(s) account, you must re-elect during Open Enrollment to continue the FSA elections for Year 2023. The FSA account elections do not rollover every plan year due to IRS guidelines.

Employees who have a qualifying life event during Open Enrollment will receive an Open Enrollment event after the life event is reviewed/finalized by the State of Maryland – Employee Benefits Division. You will have until November 7th OR 14 days after the life event is reviewed and finalized, whichever is later to complete Open Enrollment elections.


You will see the date when you originally enrolled in that benefit plan. If no change was made to the benefit plan, the coverage begin date for which you originally enrolled in that plan will display. The exception is for FSA since you have to re-enroll each plan year. If you elect the exact same FSA coverage amount for 2023 as you elected in 2022, the Coverage Begin Date will show the previous Coverage Begin Date. However, if you elect a different coverage amount for 2023, the Coverage Begin Date will updated to 1/1/2023


Need Assistance?

The Benefits team is available to help with OE questions. Contact us at .

For technical assistance with any password or login issues, email