Report a Crime

If you see or suspect a crime, contact the TUPD at 410-704-4444 and be a great witness by taking mental notes about what you see and what you experience. Our operators are trained to talk you through providing descriptions, locations and other details that may help solve the crime. Depending on the situation, officers will respond immediately and/or begin an investigation.

Reporting Sexual Assaults

TUPD officers are trained to respond to and investigate sexual assaults, domestic violence, stalking and dating violence. We work with survivors to make them feel as comfortable as possible when reporting incidents of interpersonal violence. This means having the opportunity to meet with officers privately, in a place where they will feel most comfortable. Survivors should know that officers start by believing, and will never make them feel judged or blamed for what happened. Our officers will connect victims and survivors with community resources including medical assistance, counseling services and on-campus housing. If you have experienced sexual violence, please call us at 410-704-4444.

Reporting Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents

If you have been a victim, or have witnessed or learned of a hate crime or bias incident, you can file a report using the Hate Crimes & Bias Incident Report Form. To foster a safe and inclusive campus, TU investigates all reported incidents motivated by bias. You may also contact the TUPD at 410-704-4444 for immediate assistance/response. Incidents can also be reported by calling the Office of Inclusion & Institutional Equity at 410-704-0203.

Is someone you know in crisis? Submit a CARE Form. If there is a need for immediate intervention, call the TUPD at 410-704-4444.

Submit a CARE Form

Reporting a Behavioral Threat

TU’s CARE team exists to facilitate a multidisciplinary, coordinated response to reports of students experiencing extreme distress or engaging in behavior that indicates the threat of harm to self or other members of the campus community. If you believe a person on campus poses an immediate threat, contact the TU Police Department. If you have concerns that a person may be a threat, complete a CARE form to detail your observations.

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

TU is committed to protecting the safety and welfare of children, especially those within our university community. Faculty and staff are required by law to report any suspicions of current or past abuse or neglect. Learn our policy and procedures for reporting child abuse or neglect.

Reporting Crimes Anonymously

If you don’t feel comfortable reporting a crime to the TUPD, you can choose to report the information through a campus security authority. Campus security authorities include building coordinators, staff in Housing & Residence Life, Student Accountability & Restorative Practices, the Office of Public Safety, and other departments that have responsibility for student and campus activities. Campus security authorities will follow federal requirements for reporting the information anonymously to the police.

Investigations and Adjudication

Our operations squad is staffed by full-time detectives who investigate criminal offenses reported to the TUPD. The detectives interview witnesses, victims and suspects, review footage from the university’s network of safety cameras, collect evidence, gather information and reports from other agencies, and prepare criminal cases for prosecution in court.

Criminal offenses that occur on TU’s campus are typically prosecuted in Baltimore County Court. TU’s Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices conducts separate, independent hearings for all offenses committed by TU students. Offenses involving TU faculty or staff are subject to disciplinary action by the Office of Human Resources.

Support for Victims of Crime

We support victims of crime. Our officers work closely with victims from the time of initial reporting through criminal trial. We'll talk you through the resources available to you, such as individual and group counseling at our Counseling Center, walk-in crisis hours at the center, and free counseling and support through TU’s Employee Assistance Program. We supply critical information to assist in criminal prosecution and provide support by accompanying victims to court. 

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