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Connecting to University Resources

How do I connect to my TU email and Calendars on a Mac?

University email is hosted on Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Outlook is the standard email app at Towson.

Because the university uses Duo Multi-Factor Authentication, Outlook is the only compatible app for accessing TU email and calendars on Mac and Windows computers. Non-Outlook apps, including Mac Mail and Calendar apps, no longer function.

On Office Computers
Outlook is installed on office Mac and Windows computers, and provides a better experience. Use Outlook through any browser with the Outlook Web App (OWA) at or Virtual Workspace at

On Mobile Devices
OTS recommends installing the free Outlook app on your Apple iOS and Android devices for a better experience. You can install Microsoft Office 2016 on personal devices at no cost on up to five personal devices through, or access Outlook on OWA and Virtual Workspace (VW).

On iPhones and iPads, the Apple Mail and Calendar apps will continue to work, and on Android devices the other native mail apps will work.

What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Installing VPN on a Mac (PDF) provides a secure connection between a computer off-campus and the campus network. Connecting to the VPN is only necessary for certain services including accessing your H: or O: drive when off-campus.

How do faculty and staff connect to their H: and O: drives on campus?

See Connecting to a File Share from a Mac (PDF).

How can faculty or staff work on their university-provided web sites?

See the web publishing at TU.

How do I connect to the university wireless network?

See the TU wireless page.

Mac Help & Training 

Where can I get help with Macs?

Start by searching the web for a specific topic, application, or for an error message that pops up on your Mac. Search results also provide useful information that helps you communicate when seeking assistance from OTS.

Apple hosts the Mac Basics web site with online tutorials to assist with using your Mac.

Self-help documents and videos for Macs, iPads, and iPhones are available to help you 24/7/365 to connect to university products and services.

The OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center can assist with connecting to university network, products and services.

The OTS Knowledge Center is a searchable database on specific university technology topics including Macs.

For experienced Mac Users, see, you can subscribe to this vast listserv for Mac technical topics.

What Mac training is available? the university has licensed access to for students, faculty, and staff to access online video training 24/7 on a variety of subjects including Macs and Apple products. For more information, see LinkedIn Learning.

Mac training workshops and events are available at the Apple Store at Towson Town Center. 

Apple hosts the Mac Basics web site with online tutorials to assist with using your Mac.

Mac Purchasing & Repairs

How do I buy or replace Mac hardware ?

Review options for buying or replacing a university computer.

How do I repair or service a broken Mac?

See Apple Hardware Service Guidelines (PDF).

Mac Software

How can I purchase Mac software for university Mac computers and iOS devices?

For Macs see the Apple Software Purchases page. For iPads, iPhone, and iPod touch devices see the Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones page. 

What Mac antivirus software is used at Towson University?

Macs that are not running antivirus software are vulnerable to attack and can pass viruses to other Mac and Windows computers when sharing email or files.

The university uses Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) software university computers. There are other antivirus packages on the market, but MSE is the only one that is compatible with our central security system. Using MSE is required on all university-owned Macs.

For personally-owned Macs, you can search the web for products, or read reviews from reputable sources such as MacWorld.

Can I run Windows on a Mac?

Yes, but this should only be considered if absolutely necessary and you have no alternative options such as using a Windows computer. Running Windows on a Mac complicates your computing environment considerably and requires the purchase of VMWare Fusion.

Consider submitting a request for a free refurbished Windows computer through the EduCycle Computer Reconditioning Program.

If your department has an instructional, research, or business need for installing Windows on a Mac, contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-704-5151 and follow the menu options.

Mac Printing

How do faculty/staff print to university network printers with Macs?

The university uses a network printing product. For more information, see PrinterLogic for PC/Mac Introduction Adding a Printer on PC (PDF).

Mac Tips

How can I find “System Information” about my Mac?

See Apple's article about system information.

How can I safely share my Mac files with Windows users?

Mac and Microsoft Windows computers use different file systems. Successfully sharing files requires certain naming conventions, see Safe File Naming Conventions (PDF).

How do I eliminate the Keychain password pop-up message?

Keychain is built into Macs and cannot be disabled. Setting Keychain passwords is not recommended on university-owned Macs, it creates issues because your NetID passwords change every 90 days. See fix, eliminate, and disable keychain on Macs.

How can I fix an application that freezes up on a Mac while I am using it?

  1. Go to Mac menu, choose Force Quit.
  2. Select the frozen application and click Force Quit.
  3. Try holding down the Mac Command+period key.
  4. If that fails, press the Command+Option+Escape keys. A dialog box should appear allowing you to select Force Quit.
  5. If nothing happens, you will need hold the power button down until the Mac shuts down then restart it. This should only be done as a last resort.

Where are Macs available on campus?

Check with your college or department office for availability. There are also Macs available for student, faculty and staff use in Cook Library and at the Student Computing Services computer labs.


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