Software & Cloud Apps Lifecycles

The Software and Cloud Apps Lifecycle process provides a systematic way to request, review, fulfill, catalog and track the adoption and use of software and cloud apps. This lifecycle process: 

  • Provides a single, user-friendly, simple front end to accept new software requests 
  • Routes the request to the appropriate technical review team(s) and leadership
  • Gathers information for ongoing communications and availability
  • Keeps the requestor informed, along with all stakeholders
  • Ensures licensing and adoption of software and cloud app investments are tracked
  • Allows people on campus (students, faculty, staff) to find information on software and cloud app availability and how to access or use it
  • Gives departments and colleges the ability to re-assess needs regularly and make informed decisions 

This flowchart (PDF) summarizes the full lifecycle, from intake to periodic re-assessment of continued need.

How to request, renew or install software and cloud applications

Students, faculty and staff can request a purchase, renewal or installation of software or cloud applications by following the process below. Updates to the software inventory itself can also be requested. 

This covers all university applications including classrooms, labs, conference rooms, and offices as well as all funding sources (STF, department, etc.).


  1. On the Available Software webpage, click on Manage Cloud or Software Applications to access the Software and Cloud Apps Lifecycle form
  2. Choose a Requestor Role from the drop-down menu: “Faculty, Staff, or Student.”
  3. Choose a Request Type from the drop-down menu: 
    Update Software Inventory Information: Use this option to provide any changes or additions to the software inventory. 
    Software Install Request: Use this option to request installation of an existing software application on an office computer or in a lab, classroom, or conference room. 
    New Software Purchase/Renewal Request: Use this option to request the purchase or renewal of a piece of software or cloud app regardless of funding source
  4. The next fields will populate depending on your selections under “Request Type.”
  5. Fill in yourname, email, and department. A list of departments will populate when you start typing.
  6. Enter thesoftware or cloud app name and version (i.e., Microsoft Project 2016) and select the operating system for which the software is needed (multiple selections can be made).
  7. Select license type.For purchase/renewal requests, choose purchase (new project to campus) or renewal (existing license) from the drop-down menu.
  8. Enter location and total devices.For an install or purchase request, enter a location (i.e., CK0008) and the number of devices to receive the software (please include your best estimate if the exact number is unknown).
  9. Select how/wherethis software or cloud application will be deployed or used. Check all that apply.
  10. Upload a quote.For purchase/renewal requests, you will be given the option to upload a quote if you have one. This step can be skipped if a quote has not yet been obtained.
  11. Enter a due date.For purchase/renewal and install requests, provide when you need the product to be available for use (i.e., 3/6/2019, Fall 2019, etc.). Please give ample time as policies vary by college/department anywhere from two weeks up to a semester in advance.
  12. Provide any additional info. The final field is for “Additional Notes,” meaning anything you feel the reviewers of this form might need to know, or will help them move this request forward.
  13. Click Submit. This moves your request to the next step in the process. You will receive an automated email from TechHelp, and all updates will be generated through TechHelp.
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