The art displayed below is part of the Senior Show Spring 2021. Artists include: Anna Broomfield, Alexi Day, Jennifer Erazo, Sarah Fannin, Rachel Harris, Hallie Maddox, Kodi Maduh and Amanda Ringel.

Anna Broomfield | Individuate

Anna Broomfield is a Maryland based artist with a passion for animation. Anna loves experimenting with her art and combining her love of abstraction and fine art with the problem-solving nature of illustration. Mental health and self-care are frequent themes in her work. She hopes to work as an independent animator and artist in the future and hopes her work inspires the world to better mental wellness overall.

Alexi Day

I am an illustrator based somewhere out in the woods of Maryland. At any given point of time, I am wrapped in a blanket and drawing some cute characters, creatures, or environments! At the moment, I am especially interested in themes involving childhood, nostalgia, and growing up. My thesis project is based around a story of a girl who, pretending to be an adult, becomes hopelessly lost in a magical forest. In order to find her way home, she has to accept her child-like self with the help of an owl.

Jennifer Erazo | "A Story Sprout" Zine

Jennifer Erazo is a Latina illustrator based in Maryland. Her focus is bringing her imagination to life, designing characters and vibrant visuals for the stories she daydreams up everyday. She’s inspired by past illustrative traditions and applies them to her work whenever possible. In her free time, she enjoys preserving wildflowers, and exploring the numerous creative applications with paper. Her thesis is a zine reflecting on the origins and personal nature of a story idea about two girls gaining magical powers over space-time during the confusing period of adolescence.

Sarah Fannin | Space Nostalgia & Night Song

Sarah Fannin is a Baltimore based illustrator who spends half her time with her head in the clouds, and the other half building fantastical worlds. Sarah takes particular joy in creating eclectic scenes for her characters to live in. She is always trying to achieve a sense of chaotic calmness when creating these lifestyle compositions. 

Sarah shares her works from Space Nostalgia and Night Song.

Space Nostalgia is a 5 piece series where millennials participate in some of the most common activities in some of the most uncommon environments possible.
Night Song is a 22 page illustrated children’s book about a bedtime story that a mother is telling to her children. The story follows the critters who live in the backyard, as they assemble to attend the performance of the beautiful nightingale that will sing the community to sleep.

Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris is a Maryland based illustrator with a focus in digital art. She specializes in character design, background design, visual development and animation. She has illustrated several children's books and is working to pursue concept-building and character development for fantastical worlds big and small.

Hallie Maddox

Hallie Maddox is a DC based illustrator, with a love for everything magical. They do character and environmental world building design, and are interested in working in pre-production for video games. Common themes in their art are animals, magic and mental illness. Their thesis is composed of design elements for a graphic novel.

A Composite of Elements for Project: Graphic Novel- Jupiter

The environments shown display moving cities placed on the backs of giant alien titans. The designs are influenced by South Africa and Western Asian textiles, architecture, and fauna.

Kodi Maduh | Dismemberment Plan Band Memorabilia

Born in Philadelphia, Kodi Maduh is an illustrator from Baltimore. He is interested in all things surreal, transforming organic shapes from life into imagery that speaks to newer and unknown worlds. Kodi loves working traditionally in graphite and is exploring combining his analog practice with digital tools. For his senior thesis, Kodi designed his own versions of album art, merch and promotional material for DC based indie rock band Dismemberment Plan. The visuals address themes of heartbreak, learning from one’s past and facing the future as they related to the music from their albums Change and Emergency and I. He wishes to continue working on album cover artworks for many bands, and work in the editorial illustration space.

Amanda Ringel

Amanda Ringel is a New Jersey based illustrator and designer who loves to create art that is inspired by her memories and passions. Her work traverses many worlds, from contemporary culture to relationships, from fashion to children's books. Her final semester projects are an exploration in the world of fashion editorial illustration for her thesis class, and a children's book for her senior illustration class. She strives to continue creating a diverse world of art that feels like a safe space for all its viewers.

  • “I’m A Little Chef”, digital media, 8” x 20”, 2021, Spreads from a children’s book about a little girl who is on her journey as a chef in her mother’s kitchen.
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  • "Fashion Editorials", digital media, 2021, Hypothetical scenarios based on magazine articles in the fashion industry.
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