Interdisciplinary Object Design

The art displayed below is part of the Senior Show Spring 2021. Artists include: Justin Rosato and Mercury Swift.

Justin Rosato

It's a needed blessing in a hurried world to be able to say at the end of a long day, “I did this. Here are the results''. It may only be an attempt to create something that feels solid in a world of importance, but this kind of progress means something to me in a day. Perhaps to you as well.  – Gary Rogowski

Investigating the way things are made and how they can be improved is constantly running through my mind. Creating art and using my hands brings me joy, it excites me. I love the process of creating, making, designing, and evolving an idea that started from nothing. The gradual evolution of an idea unraveling into a tangible object people can scour at, admire, hate, love or feel indifferent about makes me want to make. 


Mercury Swift | B L O O M

// B L O O M plays with the concept of energetic flow. I observe this flow in the natural, digital, and spiritual worlds. These worlds are merged by the hand to form a transcendental experience. Strings of silicone move through forms that are constructed by lasers flowing through liquid resin and molten glass flowing through a flame. My work blends the digital and physical, the natural and man-made, the fantasy and reality. The digital realm allows me to play with space using mathematics — a universal material. The physical realm allows me to blend and form the universal elements inside of glass. As my body labors these materials, I find myself in most fluid conversation with my energetic self. ♢