Admission Requirements

You will apply for the Elementary Education program the second semester of your sophomore year.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for the ELED Major

  1. Complete all courses of the Pre-Professional Program (left side of the ELED checklist).
    1. No grade below a grade-equivalent of 2.00 (C) is allowed in prerequisite or Core Curriculum courses.
    2. A grade of B or higher must be achieved in ELED 320.
  2. Have a minimum 2.75 GPA.
    1. The necessary GPA may exceed the minimum 2.75 if numbers of applicants exceed available spaces.
  3. Submit an Individualized Degree Completion Plan no later than the completion of 45 credits.
  4. Pass the Maryland State Department of Education Basic Skills Requirement exam.
    1. Students are exempt from the Maryland State Department of Education Basic Skills Requirement exam if:
      1. SAT taken after 2005, math & critical reading composite score of 1100; SAT taken between 4/95 & 2005, math & verbal composite score of 1100; SAT taken prior to 4/95, math & verbal composite score of 1000,
      2. ACT composite score of 24, and/or
      3. GRE math & verbal composite score of 1000.

5. A completed application to the major (Level I Application) prior to entrance into the major.


Student Responsibilities

  1. The Elementary Education Checklist is used as a guide only. ALL pre-major and major requirements must be verified by the student from the student’s Towson University People Soft account.
    1. Verification shall be found in the Academic Requirements section of the student’s People Soft account.
  2. Per university policy (Intentional Advising) student must meet each semester with advisor to
    1. Monitor progress toward degree requirements, and
    2. Remove academic advising hold.
  3. Student shall maintain copies of all department advising documents.
  4. Student must attend all meetings pertaining to entrance into the program and subsequent levels. Meeting dates, times and locations are posted on ELED website and outside the ELED office. Mandatory meetings include:
    1. A Level I meeting
    2. A Level II meeting
    3. A Level III meeting
    4. A Level III meet and greet with PDS Liaisons