Transfer Students

The Application Process

  1. Apply for admission to Towson University
  2. Attend the Orientation Meeting to the Elementary Education Program.
  3. Bring a copy of passing Maryland State Department of Education Basic Skills Requirement scores or qualifying SAT or ACT scores to the orientation meeting. Bring an official transcript from the community college which documents a 2.75 or higher GPA to the orientation meeting.
  4. Submit the application either in person at the meeting or to the Elementary Education office.

The Acceptance Process

  • All requirements for the A.A.T. degree must be completed before students begin classes on the Towson campus. Otherwise, the students are not transferring as A.A.T. students and their transcripts will be evaluated course by course.
  • Final documents (transcripts) must be turned in to the Elementary Education Office for acceptance to Level I to be final and complete.
  • No grades below a 2.0 (which is a grade of C) will be accepted in the AAT degree.

After Admission

  • Check all bulletin boards outside Psychology 103/105 at least every two weeks. The ELED Department posts all information important for Elementary Education pre-majors and majors on these bulletin boards. It is your responsibility to read and follow the information posted.
  • Meet with your assigned advisor each semester to have the Intentional Advising hold lifted from your registration screen. You CANNOT register for classes until you see your assigned advisor each semester.
  • Read the online Towson University catalog section that pertains to the College of Education and the Elementary Education Department. It is your responsibility to know and follow the information contained in the catalog.
  • Take and pass Maryland State Department of Education Basic Skills Requirement before you apply for entry into the ELED Major Level I. Make copies of your scores immediately when you receive them online; they will disappear after 45 days. If you have a combined score of 1100 in Math and Verbal on the SAT test, or a composite of 24 on the ACT test, you do not need to take Maryland State Department of Education Basic Skills Requirement exams.
  • In the semester in which you will complete all the General Education and prerequisite courses, plan to attend an orientation session for Level I students. Check the bulletin board for important announcements. All meetings will be held in Hawkins Hall 306. You must attend one meeting.
  • Register with Disability Support Services in Administration Building 2nd floor if you require any accommodations for teaching/learning on the Towson campus or in schools off campus. No accommodations can be made by instructors unless students are registered with Disability Support Services at Towson University.
  • Use only your Towson email account for contacting people at Towson. Read your Towson emails regularly for important information sent by the department or instructors.