Academic Advising

Degree Completion Plan

Maryland State law (Senate Bill 740 15–113. College Readiness and Completion Act of 2013) requires all students to submit a four year plan of completion no “later than by the completion of 45 credit hours.”

This means that by 45 credits you must create a degree completion plan in your major, verify this plan with program advisor, sign the document, and submit to the department.

Steps for Creating your Academic Plan

Step 1: Download your appropriate Individualized Degree Completion Plan

Step 2: Complete Page one of the Individualized Degree Completion Plan 

  • Insert your name and your ID number at top of page labeled Pre-Professional Year
  • Label Each Semester (example: Spring 2021, Fall 2020, etc.)
  • Use courses listed at the bottom of page one and insert all courses completed and all courses intending to complete. Do so for each semester.
  • When done all courses should be inserted into your plan.

Step 3: Review Plan with Advisor

  • When plan is done make an appointment with your program advisor to review plan
  • When complete both of the advisor and you shall sign the plan.
  • Academic advisor will remove service hold from your people soft record.