This year the college will provide artistic explorations and commentaries on the theme of technology. Drones & Droids will explore topics from a world in which cars drive themselves, drones deliver goods, and computer algorithms are replacing human workers.

College of Fine Arts and Communication 2018-19 theme: Drones and Droids

Theme Scholar: Dr. Terry B. Ewell, Department of Music

In his introductory essay to this year’s theme, Dr. Ewell discusses the impact that technology has had on our lives and how it continues to shape our modern world. Dr. Ewell's latest meditation on technology and teaching, Becoming Digital Professors, explores the issue of whether university professors can and are willing to adjust course delivery and content to take advantage of the online skills students already possess and to address the new competencies that students should master. Explore more scholarly work from Dr. Ewell at the bottom of this page.

Podcast Series: Drones & Droids Spring 2019

This semester, Drones & Droids podcast series continues with another line up of incredible faculty, staff, and students.  You will hear from Form.Print curator, Joshua DeMonte as he explores the processes within digital fabrication; we will catch up with Jenn Figg & Matthew McCormack on their latest glass installation, Virgo that employs environmental data from weather stations, that recreate and extend the magic of each nightly sunset. It's going to be an exciting season!


Andie Verbus '18, recent graduate and current audio technician in the Department of Music, tells us how technology saved their senior recital, turning the sounds of an electric violin into the tones of a cello. (Transcript)

EPISODE 8: Michelle Humphreys

Michelle Humphreys, Associate Professor in the Department of Music, explains how technology has advanced music while also placing restrictions, specifically in the area of percussion and composition. Don't miss the Drones & Droids TU Persussion Ensemble concert May 8th. (Musical transitions: Akadinda Trio by Emmanuel Sejourne & Bonham by Christopher Rouse, both performed by TU Percussion Ensemble.) (Transcript)

EPISODE 7: Phillip Collister

Phillip Collister, Chair of the Department of Music, shares the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to witnessing technology that revolutionizes and changes our culture, our civiliation, and species, in small and large ways. (Transcript)

EPISODE 6: Stacy Arnold

Stacy Arnold, Director of the Community Arts Center, works to translate new technologies into community based art activities that are accessible at every age. Inspired by the current 3D print exhibition, Form.Print, Arnold and her students will wow you with creativity at the upcoming Family Arts Day, April 13th, 2019 at the Center for the Arts. (Transcript)

EPISODE 5: Jennifer Figg and Matthew McCormack

Jenn Figg & Matthew McCormack, faculty from the Department of Art + Design, take you on a journey through their ever evolving installations and sculptures as they travel across the country on a year-long sabbatical. (Transcript)

EPISODE 4: Ryan Murray

Ryan Murray, associate professor in the Department of Electronic Media and Film, explores the risks associated with new technologies that manufacture their own realities. (Transcript)

EPISODE 3: Luis Engelke

Luis Engelke, professor of trumpet and brass studies from the Department of Music, explores the question: "How does technology impact your discipline?" (Transcript)

EPISODE 2: La Tonya Dyer

La Tonya Dyer, from TU's Office of Academic Innovation, describes her search for new technologies and the endless possibilities it provides to academia. (Transcript)

EPISODE 1: Terry B. Ewell

COFAC's Drones & Droids podcast series picks up this week with Dr. Terry B. Ewell as he explores how students view the world and engage in classes. (Transcript)