This year the college will provide artistic explorations and commentaries on the theme of technology. “Drones and Droids” will explore topics from a world in which cars drive themselves, drones deliver goods, and computer algorithms are replacing human workers.

College of Fine Arts and Communication 2018-19 theme: Drones and Droids

Theme Scholar: Dr. Terry B. Ewell, Department of Music

In his introductory essay to this year’s theme, Dr. Ewell discusses the impact that technology has had on our lives and how it continues to shape our modern world. Dr. Ewell's feature essay, Machines that Fake it, is an extraordinary exploration of the essence of humanity as it relates to the mechanical or synthetic replications of humans. Explore more scholarly work from Dr. Ewell at the bottom of this page.

Podcast Series

The first half of the term’s podcasts will feature Kalima Young, lecturer in the Department of Electronic Media & Film, introducing the incredible line up of screenings for the fall film series, Drones & Droids: Cyborg Sex. In the second half of the term you will hear from faculty about the impact of technology on academia and how it affects their creative process.

Episode 1: Theme Scholar Intro & Playing God and Goddess, Part I

Dr. Terry B. Ewell, theme scholar and Professor in the Department of Music, introduces some of the upcoming theme related events in COFAC including the upcoming fall film series Drones & Droids: Cyborg Sex. (Transcript)

Episode 2: Playing God and Goddess, part II

Kalima Young is a lecturer in the Department of Electronic Media and Film. In preparation for the upcoming screening of Mad Max: Fury Road, Young explores the question: Is masculinity designed to kill the world? Is the goddess the antidote? (Transcript)

Episode 3: Playing God and Goddess, part III

In preparation for the upcoming screening of Hard Candy, Kalima Young explores issues related to predatory behavior on the internet and responses to gender violence. (Transcript)

Episode 4: Love, Madness, & Technology, Part I

In preparation for the upcoming screening of San Junipero, Black Mirror, S3, Young explores a new theme: Love, Madness, and Technology. In this episode Young poses the question, "Do we really want to control what happens next?"(Transcript)

Episode 5: Love, Madness, & Technology, Part II

In preparation for the upcoming screening of Be Right Back, Black Mirror, S2, Young continues to explore the theme; Love, Madness, and Technology.  In this weeks podcast, Young poses the question: Is your social media presence the real you? (Transcript)

Episode 6: Love, Madness, & Technology, Part III

In preparation for the upcoming screening of Lars and The Real Girl, Young poses the question: When does the perfect mate become a dangerous lesson in objectification?(Transcript)

Episode 7: FALL FILM SERIES Wrap Up

In this weeks podcast, Kalima Young brings the 2018 EMF Fall Film Series to a close.  Spanning several genres, Drones and Droids: Cyborg Sex explored the role of science and technology in creating and shaping power across race, gender, sex, and sexuality. Young discusses several themes that have emerged as she wraps up the series. (Transcript)