Psychosis is often thought of as a condition in which a person loses touch with reality. Psychosis is not a diagnosis but a collection of symptoms that can be a part of several different psychological concerns. The symptoms of psychosis and the word itself can feel scary but the experience is far more common than many believe. Symptoms usually begin between the ages of 15 and 25.

Symptoms of psychosis include:

  • Unusual thoughts or beliefs that are not realistic
  • Feeling suspicious or paranoid
  • Sensory experiences that aren't accurate, including visions, sounds, taste, physical sensations
  • Communication that is hard for others to understand
  • Unusual appearance and/or behavior

Students experiencing symptoms like these should consider getting help quickly. Specialized treatment has been shown to be beneficial, particularly when help is obtained early. The Counseling Center is available to assist students experiencing psychosis. Another great resource for students and those who might be concerned about them is the Maryland Early Intervention Program (1-877-277-6347), a collaborative that offers assessment and treatment services for adolescents and adults with psychosis.