Anxiety & Stress Reduction

Stress and anxiety inevitably play a role in our lives at one time or another. We feel stressed when the demands on our life are not met with equally effective coping strategies.


General Information on Anxiety

Common Stressors

  • academic demands
  • managing relationships
  • coping with social anxieties
  • making career choices
  • financial issues
  • personal growth worries
  • managing overall wellness

How to better manage stress and anxiety

Below are some strategies to help you assess, prioritize and manage stress. College is an ongoing challenge. To be successful you must accept change, develop a support system and most importantly: believe in yourself!

  1. Assess your priorities Determine what should require the most energy and what should not. Organize your day according to activity priority.
  2. Find your weakness Do not leave planning for stressful situations to the last minute. Visualize the event, recognize points of stress, plan accordingly, and get it done.
  3. Adjust expectations  Base your expectation in reality! High levels of stress and anxiety are more likely to occur if you feel the need to perform perfectly, behave like someone you are not, or are inflexible with your priorities. 
  4. Stay healthy – Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and relaxation can decrease your blood pressure, strengthen muscles and reduce stress and anxiety.

Counseling Center Resources

Many of us have excellent coping strategies in some areas, but may lack adequate resources in others. Fortunately, we’ve compiled quite a few resources to help you manage these anxieties.

Online Resources

Additional Self-Help Videos