One of the greatest parts of college life is the friendships and romances that are built and one of the greatest tragedies is to see them broken. The experience of learning to relate to new and different people is never easy, but don’t worry; at a university with more than 21,000 people, you will have plenty of practice and opportunity. Whether you are trying to find new friends, maintain a long distance relationship, hold on to your high school sweetheart, begin a new relationship, or have your very first serious relationship, college can be a difficult time for relationships. Many of us are just beginning to learn about ourselves, not to mention figuring out the personalities and eccentricities of our friends, partners, and loved ones! The most important thing to remember is that all relationships, whether with a friend, roommate, or lover, take time and energy to make work. Even if we believe that we are “good with people,” relationship stress and arguments can make our lives feel very hectic.

The Towson University Counseling Center offers a group that meets weekly to discuss issues related to relationship and their development. Please see our groups page for more information.

Below are some links to help you manage relationships during these complicated years. If you need help dealing with your roommate, adjusting to life in a residence hall, beginning new relationships or ending bad relationships, learning how to recognize an unhealthy or violent relationship, learning about your sexuality, or exploring how to be intimate, there are links below that may be helpful to you. And don’t forget to check out Towson’s Life@TU web page for great ways to meet new people through clubs and organizations right here on campus.

Good luck, be safe, and have fun!!

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