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We understand the impact the shift to virtual learning has had on all students, but in particular our underserved student populations. Through the COE TUtors program, Towson University College of Education provides a network of well-prepared tutors to support the academic needs of Maryland students across grade levels.

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COE TUtors is a free online tutoring program for K-12 students in Maryland. The tutors are teacher candidates at Towson University. With support and guidance from faculty members, they will design lessons for each tutoring session based on students’ needs and individualized education plans when applicable. In addition, tutors will employ culturally responsive, evidence-based practices during their tutoring sessions and will provide families with feedback on student progress after each tutoring session.

Registration will open on September 12th for Fall 2021.

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Program Information

Who are the tutors?

All tutors are Towson University students in their final years of their teacher preparation program. Tutors are enrolled in education courses that require them to gain experience working directly with students. Faculty members will provide support as candidates develop their instructional plans.

How are students placed with tutors?

Students will be matched to a pair of tutors based on subject area, grade level, and availability.

How many people will attend each tutoring session?

Tutors may work with a small group of students with similar needs if scheduling allows. Two Towson University tutors will be present at each tutoring session (as required by TU policy).

Where will tutoring sessions take place?

All tutoring sessions will take place virtually using the Zoom platform.

When will tutoring sessions take place?

You will indicate your day and time preferences when you complete the tutoring application. Sessions will take place at a time that is mutually convenient for the student and tutors—likely weekday afternoons and evenings, Wednesday during the day, and weekends during the day.

Tutoring sessions will be held on a regular schedule, so it is important that students consistently attend sessions and that families communicate with the tutors if any scheduling issues arise.

How will I be able to communicate with the tutor?

Your student’s tutor will reach out via email to learn more about your student. The tutor will provide a written update after each session.

Will the tutors help with homework?

The tutors will be designing lessons each week to meet your student’s specific needs. This program is not intended to provide help with homework, but to help students build and reinforce their skills.

Is there a cost for the tutoring program?

The tutoring program is free for all participants.

How do I sign up?

Please complete the Tutoring Request Form and Participation Agreement. You will be contacted when your student has been matched with a pair of tutors. Please note that registration is currently closed. Please check back in August for more details about the Fall 2021 semester.

Available Subjects

For Fall 2021, tutors from Towson University College of Education are available to tutor elementary students in:

  • English language support
  • Mathematics
  • Reading and writing

You will indicate your student’s subject area need(s) when you complete the Tutoring Request Form. Once a tutoring match has been made, your student’s tutors will reach out for more information about your student’s specific needs.

If you are seeking tutoring in a different area, please contact us to see if we can accommodate your request.

Forms and Policies


All participants in the tutoring program will need to have the Tutoring Request Form and Participation Agreement signed by a parent or caretaker. Please note that registration will open on September 12th for the Fall 2021 semester.

Please note: Students and families participating in the tutoring program are not allowed to record any portion of a tutoring session. Tutors are required by TU policy to record the sessions; recordings will be stored securely for instructional purposes only and not shared publicly.


All tutors will need to sign the Teacher Candidate Participation Agreement.

All tutors will adhere to the Towson University Education Program Professional Behavior Policy (PDF), the Code of Student Conduct, and the Acceptable Use Policy (PDF).

Technical Help & Additional Resources

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Please note that registration for Fall 2021 will open on September 12th.

If you have questions, please contact us at .