University Union Expansion

A Brand New U is coming in fall 2021. It will create a spacious and open setting for student events, groups, dining and more.

The University Union is being transformed with an 85,000 square foot addition and a complete renovation of the existing building. The Brand New U will have expanded event, dining and student group space, a more open and spacious interior, and new main entrances connecting the new and renovated plazas on the north and south sides of the building. The new north plaza at the front of the building will connect the addition to Towson Way, Burdick Hall and the College of Liberal Arts.

Features of A Brand New U

  • double the space for student activities and organizations
  • 300-seat auditorium/movie theatre
  • new food market with seven food venues, including Dunkin’ Donuts 
  • relocated and expanded Career Center
  • 15,000-square-foot ballroom  

Project Impacts

Traffic and Pedestrian Information

The Union Garage will remain open during the project. While the north side of the building remains blocked for construction, the main entrances on the first and second floor are open for use. See the pedestrian map (PDF) for details. If you have limited mobility and are having difficulty navigating around the project, please call 410-704-RIDE (7433) and a TU Paratransit will help get you where you need to go.

Services and Dining 

Susquehanna Dining is closed and will reopen in late 2021 as an open-air food market. Paws will remain open through summer 2021. 

The University Store is open on the first floor of the Union and can be accessed via the patio or the first floor corridor. The Post Office remains open in its temporary location in the enclosed patio adjacent to Paws. The Ticket Office and all other dining locations remain open with normal hours.


Union event space will be available on a limited basis throughout the project. Event spaces may be impacted by construction noise. To better accommodate meetings and events during the project, new space options have been made available in academic buildings (for meetings), the West Village Commons, Auburn Pavilion, and Minnegan Room (for events). We suggest you visit the Reservations page or contact Event & Conference Services to talk through the best location for your event. 


Progress is underway on a Brand New U!  A grand stairwell now links the first and second floor lobbies, making the two levels more open and connected. Work is underway on the grand staircase. The exterior of east addition and north addition are nearing completion, with finishing work underway both inside and outside the building.

progress on A Brand New U

Project Timeline

There are two main components to the project. The first is expanding the building with a new, three-level addition to house an open food market and new main entrance along Towson Way. The second is renovating the existing building. Key project milestones are provided in the timeline below.

dates Milestones

Fall 2018

The Susquehanna Terrace is closed on the east side of the Union. Construction begins on the new addition located on the building’s north side.

The Potomac Room, Loch Raven Room, and Susquehanna Terrace are closed and converted into a temporary location for the University Store.

Winter 2018

Construction begins on the new University Store on the first level of the building.

Fall 2019

The Patuxent Dining Room is taken offline to begin the creation of a dynamic food market in the combined Patuxent & Susquehanna space.

The Chesapeake Rooms are taken offline at the end of the semester.

Spring 2020

Construction begins on the new theatre, multipurpose room and Career Center, as well as offices in the existing building space.

Summer 2020

Susquehanna Dining Hall is taken offline, while the renovated Glen Dining Hall opens nearby.

The University Store moves into the newly-renovated space on the first floor of the Union.

New stair openings are constructed in the first and second floor lobby areas.

Construction begins on Student Life offices in the former Potomac and Loch Raven Rooms.

Late Summer/Early Fall 2021

The additions to the north and east side of the Union open. The new space includes ballrooms, third-floor meeting rooms, second-floor lobbies, and a food market.

Campus Life and Student Activities move into their completed offices in the former Potomac Room.

Renovations begin on offices for the Center for Student Diversity, Student Life, Auxiliary Business Office, Ticket Office, Art Services and Paws.

December 2021

A Brand New U is complete!

New space opens for the Center for Student Diversity, Student Life, Auxiliary Business, Art Services, Paws, Career Center, Student Life, Civic Engagement and Enrollment Marketing.

Why we are expanding

The Union is the most frequently-used building on Towson University’s campus, housing student activities, student group and meeting space, and retail and dining options used by the entire campus community. An update is in order to expand and transform the Union for Towson University’s current campus population of approximately 23,000 students, versus the 9,000 students enrolled when the building opened in 1972. 

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