Faculty & Student Research

Faculty Research

Faculty members in the Department of Mathematics are active scholars whose research stretches across most of the mathematical sciences.


Undergraduate Student Research

Undergraduate student research in the Department of Mathematics takes on several different formats. Some undergraduate students work individually with a faculty mentor; while in other cases one faculty member may be mentoring a small group of undergraduate student researchers. Below are a few examples of recent research projects that have resulted in presentation at professional conferences and/or publications in professional journals.

  • The Strong Symmetric Genus Spectrum of Abelian Groups by Breanna Borror, Allison Morris and Michelle Tarr; mentored by Dr. May and Dr. Zimmerman
  • Mathematics of Anamorphic Art by Kimberly Rausch; mentored by Dr. Kolesnikov
  • The Mathematics of Gerrymandering: Engaging and Authentic Tasks with Civic Significance by Alexandria Wilhelm; mentored by Dr. Corum and Dr. Spitzer
  • Locations of Domain Points for Univariate Splines by Matthew Green; mentored by Dr. Sorokina
  • Illuminating the Mathematics of Figure Skating: Bringing STEM Activities to Figure Skating Camps by Rachel Schmitz; mentored by Dr. Cheng

Our Applied Mathematics Laboratory offers also opportunities for teams of undergraduate students to work with faculty mentors on year-long applied research projects sponsored by local companies or governmental agencies. Those research experiences typically result in a written report and an official presentation to the sponsor as well as poster presentations at professional meetings. Several teams have even published their research in peer-reviewed journals.

The Department of Mathematics supports undergraduate research in a variety of other ways. For example, since 2012, the Department has co-sponsored six undergraduate mathematics research conferences. The latest of them took place in April of 2019.