Diversity Programs, Resources & Reports

Towson University values diversity and fosters a climate that is grounded in respect and inclusion, enriches the educational experience of students, supports positive workplace environments, promotes excellence, and cultivates the intellectual and personal growth of the entire university community. 

COVID-19, Stereotypes, and Caring in Our TU Community Information

Reporting Bias Incidents and Hate Crimes

Reporting can occur any number of ways:

  • Online
  • Phone: 410-704-0203
  • In Person: Administration Building, Suite 214
  • Email:
  • Postal Mail: 7720 York Rd • Towson, MD • 21252

OIIE will determine any policy violation, and, if appropriate, forward the matter to the appropriate office.

Towson University's Response to COVID-19

Towson University is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As the situation continues to change, our top priority is the health and safety of our community. The university remains open with limited services. We will continue to take informed action to limit the spread of COVID-19, as well as provide regular updates and guidance.

Video References

The Microaggressions Project

“Stop the Spread” Campaign



Affinity Groups

Towson University’s Faculty and Staff Affinity Groups are committed to supporting the personal and professional growth of faculty and staff members, as well as providing a connection to campus resources and leadership. Membership in the Faculty and Staff Affinity Groups is open to all faculty and staff members.

All Gender Restrooms, Interfaith Meditation Spaces and Nursing Rooms

All Gender Restrooms

Use the list below to explore the various sections of campus to find an all-gender bathroom near you. This list is always being updated as new buildings come online and as old buildings are retrofitted with new all-gender bathrooms.

* Some bathrooms have limited access due to being located in offices or residence halls.

All Gender Bathroom Locations

Academic Precinct (Main Campus)

7800 York Road within Honors College*

  • YR 134D*
  • YR 134E*

Burdick Hall

  • Room 104
  • Room 105
  • Room 143 (All Gender Restroom & Shower)
  • Room 168

Center for the Arts

  • Room 2074
  • Room 3043
  • Room 3042
  • Room 3032

College of Liberal Arts

  • Room 3231
  • Room 4231

Cook Library

  • Room 303 (All Gender) Y
  • Room 304 (All Gender) Y

General Services

  • Room 123A (All Gender Restroom & Shower)

Glen Tower A

  • Room 115A
  • Room 115B
  • Room 254
  • Room 255

Glen Tower B

  • Room 114A
  • Room 114B
  • Room 14
  • Room 16

Glen Tower C

  • Room 114A
  • Room 114B

Glen Tower D

  • Room 114A

Media Center

  • Room 112A
  • Room 112B

Newell Dining

  • Room 202
  • Room 203
  • Room 227
  • Room 228

Newell Hall

  • Restroom Lobby D
  • Restroom Lobby E

Power Plant

  • Room 108C
  • Room 310B

Prettyman Hall*

  • Room 128*
  • Room 129*


  • Room 199

Residence Tower

  • Room 101A
  • Room 101B

Richmond Hall

  • Restroom 2C1A
  • Restroom 2C1B

Scarborough Hall*

  • Room 106*
  • Room 107*

Transportation Annex

  • Room TX 104 (public restroom)
  • Room TX 105 (public restroom)

University Union

  • Room 331

Van Bokkelen Hall

  • Room 020
  • Room 021
West Village Precinct (Main Campus)

Carroll House

  • Room 106
  • Room 107

Clara Barton House

  • Room 123
  • Room 124

Frederick Douglass House

  • Room 120
  • Room 119

Marshall House

  • Room 112
  • Room 114
  • Room 051
  • Room 052

Ward And West

  • Restroom Room 0101
  • Restroom Room 0103
  • Room 1201
  • Room 1203
  • Room 2201
  • Room 2203

West Village Commons

  • Room 319
  • Room 412
  • Room 121
Athletic Precinct (Main Campus)

Auburn House

  • Room 108

SECU Arena

  • Near Room 211

South Campus Pavilion

  • Restroom 0100A
  • Restroom 0100B
  • Restroom 0100C (Accessible)
  • Restroom 0100D (Accessible)

Towson Center

  • Room 345

Towson Softball Stadium

  • Room SB103 (Family Restroom)
Satellite Locations

7400 York Road

  • Room 327
  • Room 436

Towson Run Apartments

  • Room 128

Interfaith Meditation Spaces

Interfaith meditation rooms are part of several ongoing initiatives to accommodate and support students, faculty, and staff in reflection and meditation while on campus. Room locations on campus can be found:

  • Cook Library, Room 404C 
  • University Union, Room 208B

Nursing Rooms

TU Nursing Rooms provide a private, secure, clean space for breastfeeding. They are available to all students, faculty and staff, as well as spouses and domestic partners at the following campus locations:

  • 7400 York Road, Room 239
  • Administration Building, Room 115B (obtain the key from AD101)
  • College of Liberal Arts, Room 2231
  • Cook Library, Room 527 (obtain key from third floor circulation desk)
  • Psychology, Room 508N
  • Towson City Center (AKA Olympic Place), Room 324
  • Van Bokkelen Hall, Room 009
  • West Village Commons, Room 320

Ally Trainings

Towson University's Ally Training provides resources, tools, and strategies for supporting diverse communities.

Ally Trainings are offered throughout the year and are open to all students, staff and faculty. Topics include LGBTQ+ terminology, pronouns, bias, discrimination, and strategies for allyship. 

Upcoming Ally trainings are listed below. If interested, please register using the link provided. Direct Questions to 410-704-0203 or .

Anti-Racism Resources

OIIE will continue to host, collaborate on and support a variety of opportunities for support, community, healing, reflection, education and action for the TU community. To that end, there are a number of anti-racism education and support resources available to members of the TU community needing support.

Diversity Committees

We value shared governance to advance and implement diversity initiatives and institutional priorities for inclusive excellence. There are various committees for students, faculty, and staff that represent inclusion and diversity initiatives across the campus.

Chosen & Preferred Name Resources

Students, faculty, and staff will be able to indicate their Chosen / Preferred Name even if they have not changed their Legal Name.

Courageous Conversations Conference

The Courageous Conversations Conference is an opportunity to elevate racial consciousness and understand how race affects your students' lives and classroom practice. The conference is uniquely designed for campus and civic leaders, educators, and administrators to deepen individual and organizational racial literacy.


Diversity Initiatives Progress Report

In November 2015, a group of students and administrators agreed that the University would work toward the following 12 goals, many of which were already aligned with the University's strategic goals for diversity and inclusion. Here, you can track the University's Diversity Progress Report.

Holy Days and Observances

The Holy Days Calendar is an educational and accommodation resource for learning and planning classroom, academic, and co-curricular events. The calendar is not exhaustive of all major holidays in every religious tradition and some variances will exist due to regional differences and celestial cycles.

Multiculturalism in Action Brown Bag Series

The Multiculturalism in Action Brown Bag Series showcases the multicultural and diversity-related scholar activities taking place on Towson University's campus. This is an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to meet and engage with each other around multicultural scholarship in a supportive space.

Presenter Info
Zoom Link
Dr. Kate Collins, Unpacking YAAAS: A culturally sustaining artmaking initiative with refugee youth
Sept 16 at 12 PM Join The Zoom Meeting Here

Presidents Inclusive Leadership Institute

The President's Inclusive Leadership Institute is a professional development program for senior Towson faculty and staff that fosters personal development, interdisciplinary collaborations, and a strong connection to the campus community.

Speak Up!

Speak Up! is a program developed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which fosters the discussion of encounters that individuals have had with everyday bigotry, from stores to restaurants, the classroom, or the workplace.

Participants openly share information about incidents with family members, friends, classmates, roommates or coworkers. They tell stories regarding what they did or did not say — and what they wished they did or did not say.

Workshop participation provides an opportunity for an individual to develop and practice responses to address bigotry in a manner that is both effective and civil.

Student Resources

Towson University offers a wide range of services and resources that create a more diverse and inclusive campus to enhance your college life and to promote excellence and cultivate the intellectual and personal growth of our students.

University Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The University Diversity and Inclusion Awards recognize individuals and departments that foster greater awareness, understanding, and advancement of diversity and inclusiveness at Towson University.