Jewish Faculty & Staff Association

The Jewish Faculty and Staff Association (JFSA) works to provide Jewish cultural and dynamic programs for faculty, staff, students and guests on campus. The JFSA raises awareness around the Jewish community, experiences, services and opportunities on campus.

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  • raise awareness around the Jewish community, experiences, services and opportunities on campus
  • create a micro-community for Jewish faculty and staff on campus
  • be a draw for new and old Jewish faculty and staff to get involved with programs beyond regular teaching and class schedule
  • build the Jewish brand, visibility and understanding of Jewish community on campus to larger, local audiences

Executive Officers

Co-Chair, Faculty
Co-Chair, Staff TBA


From the mid-Atlantic through the Southeastern U.S.

We are honored and proud to sustain and expand the largest collection of Judaic Books and Artifacts from the mid-Atlantic through the Southeastern United States, housed at TU’s Albert S. Cook Library.

Meetings & Events

Join us as we meet quarterly to plan, develop and execute programs. Topics change every month and are chosen from the members of the organization. Any questions or concerns can be forwarded to !

Representative Organizations

Towson Hillel has been on campus since 1997 and is now located in the Jewish Activities Center in Newell Hall. Visit Hillel to learn more about upcoming activities.

The Baltimore Hebrew Institute, located in Towson University’s College of Liberal Arts, is dedicated to advancing knowledge through a range of Judaic studies programs at TU.

If you would like to support the excellent work done by the Baltimore Hebrew Institute, please consider a donation!

Baltimore Hebrew Institute


The Organization shall operate under the name of Towson University (“University”) Jewish Faculty and Staff Association (“JFSA”).

The JFSA group will work to provide informative and dynamic Jewish programs for faculty, staff and students on campus. The JFSA will support the growth of faculty and staff members and advocate for issues of importance to the campus community

The mission of the Association is guided by these objectives:

  • to promote fellowship among TU faculty and staff of Jewish origin
  • to facilitate the personal and professional growth of Jewish faculty and staff
  • to support the University’s commitment to diversity to recruit and retain faculty and staff of Jewish heritage
  • to advocate the needs and concerns of Jewish faculty and staff
  • to collaborate with other cultural/civic/ethnic organizations within TU to promote common activities
  • to serve as a liaison between TU administration and faculty and staff of Jewish origin
  • to educate TU and Towson-Baltimore communities as well as communities in the region about Jewish issues
  • to recruit and retain students who identify as Jewish and provide an environment and opportunities to integrate them into the broader TU community

Members and Allies: Current and/or retired faculty and staff members of the University identified by self-reporting as being of Jewish origin are eligible to become members of the association. Allies are current or retired faculty and staff of the University who are supportive of the mission of JFSA, and do not self-identify as being of Jewish origin.

The officers of the AFSA shall consist of:

  • faculty Co-chair
  • staff Co-chair

Officers must be full-time faculty or staff members of the University in accordance to Article IV.1

  1. election Nominations for the officer positions can be made by any member including self-nominations
    1. election may take place at a meeting of the JFSA or be conducted electronically
    2. the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist will open the nomination process one month prior to the end of the term of office of the JFSA current officers
      1. a one week period will be allowed for the nomination process and another week for the acceptance of the nomination
      2. the election will be administered by the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist
  2. officers shall serve a two-year term of office with a maximum of two consecutive terms
  3. any conduct or action by an officer that is deemed unprofessional or damaging to this JFSA may also be considered for removal
  • Faculty Co-Chair
  • Staff Co Chair

The faculty and staff co-chairs will coordinate general meetings and formulate the agenda.

  • co-chairs shall co-sign all official documents
  • co-chairs will be responsible for the distribution of all official documents, including an annual progress report
  • co-chairs will take the lead in planning programs and activities consistent with the mission of the JFSA
  1. Co-chairs Meeting
    1. co-chairs of the JFSA shall meet on a monthly basis
    2. upon unanimous consent of the Co-Chairs, meetings can be canceled and rescheduled
  2. general meetings are open meetings for all members and allies
    1. co-chairs of the JFSA will schedule regular general meetings and formulate meeting agenda with input from membership
  3. special Meetings
    1. special meetings may be called by the co-chairs
  1. co-chairs shall strive for consensus in their decision making process, failing which decisions will be made by a simple majority vote
  2. co-chairs shall seek the votes of members on matters pertaining to: 
    1. funding request submitted by an external group
    2. funding proposal submitted by JFSA
  3. election Process as prescribed in Article V.2 will be adopted for the ballot-voting process for officers. 

Any member can propose amendments to alter or repeal these bylaws. Adoption of proposed changes to the JFSA bylaws must be approved by a majority of the current JFSA membership. Votes may take place during JFSA meeting or may be conducted electronically.

Contact Information

Jewish Faculty and Staff Association

Monday to Friday
8:30 AM to 5 PM