Student Computing Services in Cook Library

Since 1999, OTS Student Computing Services (SCS) has helped TU students acquire new skills, overcome computing problems, collaborate on creative assignments and develop technology literacy from the first floor of Cook Library.

Poster printing plus laptop consultation at Service Desk

Over the past decade, the SCS computer lab, service desk and administrative offices have grown to include multimedia production facilities, among other services. Now offering the full complement of these services and resources, our Cook location remains, for all practical purposes, TU's student computing headquarters. Check hours.

Service Desk

  • General technology advice
  • Troubleshooting laptop problems
  • Troubleshooting network connection problems
  • Removing malware infections
  • wēpa and poster printing assistance

Computer Lab

  • Comfortable work spaces
  • Support Specialists to answer your questions
  • 58 Windows computers with 24-inch widescreen monitors
  • 11 iMac computers with 27-inch displays
  • wēpa pay-for-print kiosk
  • Over 100 software titles, including: Microsoft Office, Adobe CC 2015 Master Collection, and Apple iLife

ResNet Support

  • Network computing assistance for resident students via the SCS Service Desk
  • Cable television support in residence halls
  • Professional "house calls" in cases where telephone support proves inadequate

Multimedia Support Services


  • 3 iMac dual-boot computers with both MacOS X and Windows 7 optimized for media production work
  • Reservable online for two-hour blocks; reservations can be easily extended when facilities are available
  • All of the software titles available in the Computer Lab plus Apple Final Cut, Apple Logic Pro, AVID Pro Tools, AVID Sibelius and MakeMusic Finale
  • Adjustable soft box lighting rigs and changeable backgrounds, including green screens 
  • Professional quality shock-mounted microphones, miking boards and audio reference monitors
  • Studios A and B are optimized for sound isolation and are thus more suitable for audio work
  • Studio C is over two times larger than Studio A or B and is thus better suited for large groups or recordings involving multiple subjects or extensive movement 
  • Studio C features a ceiling-mounted LCD projector useful for rehearsing presentations 


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