Accessibility & Disability Services

Welcome to Accessibility and Disability Services (ADS), a unit within the Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity. ADS is dedicated to ensuring access and inclusion for students with disabilities enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate programs at TU. ADS currently serves more than 2,200 students with various disabilities and some temporary impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities.

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Who We Are

ADS is part of the Towson University commitment to promoting a diverse and inclusive campus that is welcoming to all. ADS collaborates with students, faculty and staff to ensure equal opportunity and create an accessible educational experience for students with disabilities.

ADS provides accommodations and services to students with disabilities who register with our office. Students initiate the process of registering by completing an ADS application. Accommodations are based on documentation of the disability and a personal interview.

The office is staffed with ADS specialists from various professional backgrounds who work with students on an individual basis by providing assistance, support, consultation and advocacy. ADS includes a Testing Services Center that provides testing accommodations to students registered with ADS. The office also works with students and partners across campus to remove barriers and promote accessibility.

Who We Serve

ADS serves enrolled TU students with documented disabilities at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Disabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • learning
  • physical/mobility
  • vision
  • hearing
  • chronic health
  • mental health disabilities

The office also works with students with some temporary impairments, as appropriate.   

Students are encouraged to register with ADS soon after enrolling at the university to ensure timely provision of services. We recommend students maintain regular contact with our office, especially during their first year. This contact provides the opportunity for ADS staff to guide students and to work with them proactively to address any issues that may arise.

Tips for Faculty

Accessible Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

Our Faculty and Staff Resources page is up-to-date with information for providing access in all forms of learning environments, including online courses. 


Contact Information

Accessibility and Disability Services

Administration Building
Suite 232-235 (Map)
Monday to Friday
8:30 AM to 5 PM