Academic Programming

Anyone over age 50 is welcome to join Osher as a regular member. Supporting memberships are offered to Towson University faculty and staff of any age. Membership in Osher is a requirement to register for classes in the fall and spring semesters.

Osher Zoom Into Summer Series

The Zoom Into Summer Series is offered at no additional fee to current Osher members. Renew membership today.

The series includes 14 lectures and takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. (unless noted otherwise), June 30–August 13. View Lecture Descriptions (PDF)

Topic Delivery Instructor Date
A Superexplosion Opens a New Window on the Universe Live Daniel Golombek June 30
Why Are Bees Declining? Live Jody Johnson July 2
Senior Living--What are the Pieces to that Puzzle? Live Mark Beggs July7
The American Suffrage Movement: A Family History Pre-recorded Dora Townsend July 9
A Brief History of Gentrification in Baltimore City Live Matt Durington July 14
Mystery of the Lost Colony Pre-recorded Bob Baer July 16
Rock Art: Bird Imagery, Dream Flying, and the Origin of Art Pre-recorded Ahmed Achrati July 21
Artificial Intelligence: Ethics and Human Values Live Guillermo Warley July 23
Coffee with Bach and me! Live Jonathan Palevsky July 28
The Education of Educators: What the Coronavirus Pandemic Taught Us Live with Panel Beshon Smith July 30
Mapping the Suffrage Movement Live with Panel David Sides August 4
The Economics of Climate Change Live Daraius Irani August 6
Wonder Woman Live Arnold Blumberg August 11
Dave Brubeck at 100 Live Seth Kibel August 13

Osher Online Lecture Series