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Spring 2021 Semester

Session I: March 1–25
Session II: April 5–29

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Osher Online Lecture Series

Reverend Dr. Terris King and Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg

Together: Baltimore Faith Leaders Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges

Two charismatic leaders discuss their unexpected relationship, the initiatives being taken by their congregations, and the positive outcomes that have come from the building of relationships and addressing of violence and racism in and around their communities.

East Towson

East Towson: from Jim Crow to Black Lives Matter

East Towson is an historic African American neighborhood located on the eastern side of Towson. This presentation will trace its founding by formerly enslaved people from Hampton Plantation through many societal pressures to its present day. Carol Allen, local historic preservationist, will demonstrate the effects of racism on this tight knit community, which are still evident today.

Mesopotamian Gods

What is it about the Number 4?

No one wants to be #4. You can’t win an election or even a Scrabble game by placing #4. What is it about the #4? We begin at the dawn of civilization and then look at the polytheistic gods of Egypt, Babylon, and Greece. Next, we’ll look at the 4s in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Then there were the #4 kings in France, England, and Germany. Who tells Chaucer’s 4th tale? What's Shakespeare’s 4th play? You'll never see the #4 the same way again.

Lino Tagliapietra creates a glass sculpture while Italian glass maestro Checco Ongaro watches during a demonstration at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky

Master of Glassblowing: Lino Tagliapietra

Lino Tagliapietra is considered to be the world’s finest glass artist. Even at age 85, each day, he enters a hot shop with eager enthusiasm to use his unparalleled acumen to create yet another radiant form with brilliant colors, graceful curves, and intricate patterns.

Dashiell Hammett

Dashiell Hammett: In Baltimore and Beyond

Dashiell Hammett is an author and screenwriter who is almost as complex as the characters he created—Sam Spade and Nick and Nora Charles (and Asta, of course). He's credited with inventing the hard-boiled private detective figure. Much of what Hammett wrote about came from his early life in Baltimore where he grew up and started working for the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

House in the dust bowl

Dust Bowl

If asked to pick the most important event between the two World Wars, the answer may be the crash of 1929 and the ensuing depression. Few would answer the “dust bowl.” But the suffering, the deaths, the displacements caused by the dust storms should put it in the same league. The Dust Bowl started in 1931 with the beginning of a drought and ended in 1939. However, the dust bowl is not yet over. It’s a work in progress.

Frankie Valli and the four seasons

The Jersey Boys—Oh What a Night!

What launched these four kids from the toughest section of Newark, New Jersey into rock and roll history? Hear the amazing story of Frankie Valli’s trip to stardom with its highs and heartaches. Learn how his legendary life became the subject for a smash musical and movie. Movie and song clips with lots of singing and dancing promised!

Casablanca (1942)

Casablanca (1942) and the Films it Influenced

"Casablanca" is one of the most popular, critically acclaimed, and simply beloved American films and at the top of critics' polls as one of the top films in world cinema history. Learn about the film's making, casting, and its influences on modern cinema.

Benny Goodman

The Rise of Benny Goodman

How did the child of Russian Jewish immigrants go from abject poverty to eminent stardom in American music by the time he was a mere 26 years old? Learn about the rise of Benjamin David Goodman and how he helped usher in a new era in pop culture.

Berlin Holocaust memorial

Holocaust Remembrance: Connecting Memory and Responsibility

Deepen your understanding of the art and architecture of The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum from archival and personal photographs and video. The thinking of survivors Elie Wiesel and Viktor Frankl will serve as a thematic thread.