Human Resources Policy Review

Policy review is an important ongoing process to analyze, identify gaps/needs, and generally ensure that all University Human Resources policies are up to date, and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and USM policies. 

Please view the following sections to learn more about the policy review process, and recent policy updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The review process will include substantive evaluation by the OHR followed by submission to the Office of General Counsel (OGC) pursuant to University Policy 06-10.00 (University Policies and Procedures).  

Comprehensiveness of review will be based on the amount of time since the last update and relative need for revision. Policies will be reviewed in one of three ways:

  • Non-substantive changes: expedited review and submission for approval;
  • Moderate substantive changes: an internal OHR workgroup will be convened for cross-functional analysis/comment; typically chaired by a subject matter expert within OHR;
  • Significant substantive changes: OHR may convene an external workgroup consisting of interdepartmental stakeholders across campus. 

Following OHR review, edited policies will move through the regular review cycle via OGC, for presentation to the President’s Cabinet for final approval as well as review by the University’s shared governance bodies.

OHR is committing to reviewing/revising all HR policies in increments of three (3) years. Policies will generally proceed through the review process in chronological order, unless there is an intervening change to applicable law, USM policy, or a critical need necessitating earlier updating.  

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HR policies can be found in the policy repository.