New at TU

This site contains information to help get you started in your role at Towson University. Complete the tasks within the suggested timeframe. There are also several resources linked here to help you get to know the campus. 

Before Your First Day


Complete all tasks assigned by your recruiter and learn more about TU. 


Review your retirement options (Regular and Contingent 2 only).

State law requires all regular faculty and staff to enroll in a retirement plan upon commencement of employment. Please review the retirement options and speak with a Benefit's Specialist during your Day O.N.E. session if you have additional questions. The forms and a copy of your photo ID must be submitted at the conclusion of Day O.N.E.


Activate your NetID.

Your NetID is your personal login. Set up your account using these resources.

On Your First Day


Attend Day O.N.E. (Onboarding New Employees) with the Office of Human Resources.

Dates: Wednesdays from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Location: Administration Building, Room 120
Parking: Your recruiter will provide you with parking details

Day O.N.E. with the Office of Human Resources will help you acclimate to TU quickly. There will be presentations on payroll, parking and benefit options. You will also sign up for a retirement plan. Remember to bring your acceptable documentation for
I-9 verification (driver's license and Social Security card or passport, etc.).


Report to your new office. 

After you complete your paperwork in Day O.N.E., your new supervisor is expecting you. During the afternoon, you’ll meet your colleagues and get acclimated to your office.

During Your First Week


Obtain your OneCard.

Your OneCard is your TU ID. To apply for your OneCard, watch this video and apply here.


Complete Title IX training.

You will receive an Email for compliance training. Please complete these required courses as soon as possible. For more information, you can view Compliance Training requirements. 


Accept the onboarding invitation from the Office of Human Resources.

By the end of your first week, you will receive an invitation to a full-day onboarding session. Please accept as soon as possible.


Complete your Timesheet in myTU.

All faculty and staff will use the online timesheet system to complete timesheets for each pay period.

Instructions and training resources for completing timesheets are found here.


Meet with your supervisor.

Meet with your supervisor to discuss and establish performance expectations and goals for the current rating period.

Before 30 Days


Create your Outlook Email signature.

Use design tools to create your Email signature and download templates for PowerPoint presentations, memos and forms.


Use the links below to learn more about Towson University:

Before 60 Days


Meet with your Supervisor

Meet with your supervisor to review professional development opportunities. Check out the Office of Human Resources Training Calendar.


TU faculty and staff have access to some great discounts.

Towson University Facilities, Services and Resources

You might also find it really helpful to get familiar with some of TU's facilities, services and resources:





Additional Resources