New @ TU

Before Your First Day

Get to know your campus by taking a tour from your computer, and learn about Towson University.

On Your First Day

  1. Attend Connections, your new hire orientation to Towson University


    Dates: Wednesdays*
    Location: Administration Building, Room 120*
    Parking: Your recruiter will provide you with parking details

    * unless indicated otherwise


    8:00 am     Taking Care of Business

    Human Resources staff will help you register, review your completed paperwork, and provide other important information.

    9:00 am      Welcome to Towson University
    9:20 am      Creating a Safe & Comfortable Place to Learn, Work & Play
    9:40 am      Diversity: An Institutional Commitment
    10:00 am    Payroll
    10:10 am    Employee Benefits
    Noon          Evaluations/End of Program
  2. Enroll in a retirement plan

    Selecting a Retirement plan

    State law requires all regular faculty and staff to enroll in a retirement plan upon commencement of employment. Please review the retirement options and speak with the benefits specialist during Connections if you have additional questions before completing your retirement forms.  The forms and a copy of your photo ID must be submitted at the conclusion of Connections.

  3. Pay for your parking permit at the University Union and review the Parking Enforcement video 
  4. If possible, meet with your supervisor or chairperson after Connections

During Your First Week

  1. Review and begin completing items identified on this website
  2. Sign up for Text Message Alerts through the Emergency Text Message Notification System 
  3. Activate your faculty/staff TU account (PDF), enroll at least two devices in Duo Multi-Factor Authenticationset up your phone (PDF), and review the Getting Started Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
  4. Complete your first time sheet

    Completing Your Time Sheet

    Most new faculty and staff receive a paper time sheet during the Connections new hire orientation if the online time sheet is not available. The paper time sheet will be used for time worked in the first pay period as a new employee. Complete the time sheet and obtain your supervisor’s signature. Keep a copy for your records and submit the original time sheet to Payroll by the due date. 

    After the first pay period as a new employee, all faculty and staff will use the online time sheet system to complete time sheets for each pay period.
  5. Meet with your supervisor to discuss and establish performance expectations and goals for the current rating period 
  6. Learn about professional opportunities offered by the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Technology Services

Before 30 Days

Learn more about Towson University:

Towson University Facilities, Services and Resources

You might also find it really helpful to get familiar with TU's facilities, services and resources:








Additional Resources

Before 60 Days

Complete and/or review:

Before 90 Days

Review the following:

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